My story

Hi, I’m Anna Yaga, a Harry Potter fan and mom of two “Potterheads”. Thanks to our common passion, I became a wand-maker, charms teacher and created MAGIC Practicum!

Our first Harry Potter themed party was organised for the 10th birthday of my eldest child. It was such a success, that my children asked to throw another one for Halloween and then another one for a next birthday…  Then my youngest child read Harry Potter and became a fan, so I restarted!

Being a creative person, I made modifications for every party, inventing new activities and improving the old ones.

The success of our parties was so great, that the friends of my children started to ask their parents to throw  Harry Potter parties for their birthdays but they didn’t know where to start!

At that point, I realised that a lot of children are big fans of Harry Potter, but not so many parents know how to entertain their kids around the theme of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

That’s why I’ve created MAGIC Practicum – to share my experience with parents like you!

The key of success

Why do children like MAGIC Practicum parties? The answer is simple – they are MAGICAL!

Since my very first party, MAGIC was in the heart of it. When my daughter asked for her first Harry Potter birthday party, she said:  “Mummy, I want a real Harry Potter birthday party. Do what you want, but it must be MAGICAL!” 

Being a Harry Potter fan too, I knew exactly what she wanted: she wanted to be at Hogwarts and make charms and cast spells with a wave of her magic wand. To be honest, it was my dream too! So I took on the challenge to organize a party that will make these dreams come true.

It was the beginning of my magical adventure! 

Since then I’ve organised many Harry Potter parties and acquired a great experience that I’m glad to share with other parents.

My biggest rewards are the 5 star reviews that parents leave, as organising a Harry Potter party became easy and fast. 

Have a look at my Party concepts and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

I would like to add a word of thanks to Château de l’Isle Marie who opened their doors to welcome our “School of Magic” and to a great teacher and composer, Julien ERNY, for his kind permission to use his original music in my videos.